Gateau Nantais

Nante, France

Gateau Nantais

Indulge in the rich, boozy bliss of our Rum-Soaked Almond Cake.

An Introduction

A World of Tasty Treats

France gateaux nantais is a delectable French cake that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. 

It has a soft and buttery texture, with a perfect balance of rum aroma and rich almond flavor.
The cake is covered in icing made of powdered sugar and rum, adding texture, sweetness, and fragrance. The combination of flavors and textures in France gateaux nantais makes it an irresistible dessert that is perfect for any occasion.

An Introduction


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What Kind of City?

Nantes is a city located in western France that is known for its rich history, cultural heritage, and stunning natural beauty. One of the highlights of the city’s culture is its food culture, which is rich in local specialties, regional cuisine, and locally produced drinks.
One of the most famous local specialties is the “Gateau Nantais,” a buttery almond cake soaked in rum syrup. Another local drink is the “Muscadet de la Loire,” a white wine that is produced in the region and is enjoyed by many locals. Additionally, there is also the regional dish “Le Royale et Pomme de Terre,” which is a traditional dish made with local produce.
Nantes is a city that is rich in food culture, and visitors can enjoy local specialties, regional cuisine, and locally produced drinks while exploring the city’s rich history and stunning natural beauty. With its mix of cultural and natural attractions, Nantes is a popular destination for tourists who are looking to experience the best of what France has to offer.

The Foodie Diaries​


Day 1:

I arrived in Nantes, France, early in the morning and headed straight to my hotel to freshen up. I was excited to explore the city and try out the local cuisine. My first stop was a bakery where I tried the famous Gateaux Nantais. The cake was moist and had a rich almond flavor that I couldn't get enough of.

After satisfying my sweet tooth, I headed to a local restaurant for lunch. I ordered the traditional dish of the region, ""Moules Frites,"" which is mussels cooked in white wine and served with fries. The dish was delicious, and the white wine added a unique flavor to the mussels.

In the evening, I visited a local bar and tried the local drink, ""Muscadet."" The wine was light and refreshing, and it paired perfectly with the cheese platter I ordered.

Day 2:

I started my day with a croissant and coffee from a local bakery. The croissant was flaky and buttery, and the coffee was strong and aromatic.

Next, I visited the famous ""Les Machines de l'île"" museum, which is known for its giant mechanical animals. The museum was fascinating, and I enjoyed watching the animals move and interact with visitors.

For lunch, I visited a seafood restaurant and ordered the ""Plateau de Fruits de Mer,"" which is a platter of various seafood, including oysters, shrimp, and crab. The seafood was fresh and flavorful, and I enjoyed trying different types of seafood.

In the evening, I visited a wine bar and tried the local red wine, ""Gros Plant."" The wine was full-bodied and had a fruity flavor that paired well with the charcuterie board I ordered.

Day 3:

On my last day in Nantes, I visited a local market and tried various local cheeses and cured meats. The flavors were unique and delicious, and I ended up buying some to take back home.

For lunch, I visited a creperie and ordered a savory crepe filled with ham, cheese, and mushrooms. The crepe was crispy and had a perfect balance of flavors.

Before leaving Nantes, I visited a chocolate shop and tried the local chocolate truffles. The truffles were rich and decadent, and I couldn't resist buying a box to take back home.

Overall, my trip to Nantes was a culinary adventure, and I enjoyed trying out the local cuisine and drinks. The city has a lot to offer, and I can't wait to come back and explore more.
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The Final Bite

Thank you for joining me on this journey to discover the deliciousness of gateaux nantais. I hope this blog has inspired you to book a trip to France and indulge in this heavenly dessert. Let’s raise a slice of gateaux nantais to the joy of travel and the pleasure of savoring new flavors. Bon appétit!

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